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Decision Cube 2.0


     Category: Development Tools / Components & Libraries

Description of
Decision Cube
Decision cube The decision cube is a high-performance OLAP component that fetches its data from a dataset. The data is stored in a form that makes its easy to pivot (that is, change the way in which the data is organized and summarized) without needing to run the query a second time. It allows processing of huge volumes of data without need of an OLAP server. Work with any TDataSet descendant. Top Speed. Real volumes. Support for Null dimension and summary values. Accept any FieldKind: fkData,fkCalc,fkInternalCalc.. Sum,Count,Min,Max,Avg. Derived summaries based on expressions. Export to Html
Windows, Windows 2000, Windows XP
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Author: Evgueni Koukline
License: Shareware
Price: $200
File Size: 1000.0 KB
Downloads: 38

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